William ReynoldsEdit

I was born to a abusive alchaholic father in 1981 and my mother died when I was four being born in Ireland I lived on a farm for sheep. My father being a alcholic meant I had to do all the work. when i was 13 I fled my little farm and headed for Dublin after dublin I sent myself on a tour of europe doing acasional jobs here and there so I could afford to go to university when I was older I stowed away on boats and made it to Italy where I met the futre president of lost paradise. After Italy I moved onto greece where I got a job as a trash boy at a 5 star restraunt in Athens. After 6 months I moved on to being a waiter at the restraunt and earned enogh money to go to Athens University wher I got a buissness Degre. I heard of Lost paradise and the low taxes and moved there to start my buissness 2 years ago. With the necessity for a restraunt and general store in the Island community my buisness boomed. Soon I made an investment on one of my restraunts and general stores in Rome and it was fantastic I now have over 400 locations in over 50 countrys acrosss europe 76 of those locations in Italy.


My great grandad was Sir Jhon.B.Reynolds Colonel of the Irish 1st artillery regiment and ever since every decendant of him has been in the Irish army. I have decided to break that chain and set a new line for my family's history. This one. In wealth. My family has always been remotly poor. Our name comes from scotland where my great great great great great great grandfather was born to a father called Edward.D.McReynis and a mother called Elizibith.F.Loyolds. My Great great great great great great grandfather was charged for killing his father. He escaped prison and changed his name. He took the first 4 letters of his fathers name Reyn and tha last 4 of his mothers Olds and connected them Reynolds (reyn-olds). And my family name was born.