Lost Paradise Stocks

Founded by Arno Bourne, the LP Stock Exchange is a place where citizens invest into a company. How does it work?

All Companies that are registered are put into a hat...pull one out with a -, or a +. The '+' means that the company goes up three points...Example (JKF&Son's-3.12) the numbers go up to ten: Ten being the absolute best...You can invest into a company you choose...choose wisley.

10); Top of the stock market,

9); Thriving company,

8); Growing Empire,

7); Large Corporation,

6); Small Company,

5); Average,

4); Small Buisness,

3); Poor Store,

2); Close to Bankruptcy

1); Bankrupt

Put your Companies' name below;

[Jedi752] Herino Group 9.1

[Titanic23456] Reynolds General Stores&Restraunts Ltd. 8.9

[watergirl4321] Lost Paradise Market 5.2

[rodell666] Farm 4.0

[BrickGuyDK] Francico Art 3.2

[AlertCambodian] Asibucks 3.8

[Binkj] Price Interior Design 3.9 (Starting off)