Perso PeridisoEdit

Welcome to the capitol of the glourious capitol of Lost Paradise!

Today we will be bringing you through this beautiful city located on mid island Lampedusa. Lampedusa is the biggest island of Lost Paradises three islands. The city is 15 minutes from El VErino and 20 minutes from Luma Tora.

Aditional Information:

Perso Peridiso Population (2012 Census): 2 681

Lost Paradise Population (2012 Estimate):4 822

Verbal Tour Edit

When you enter the city on El Verino boulavard you will find yourself passing such places as The Reynolds Restraunt, Starblox, and The Leisure Centre. After turning on to Second Street you will find such things as A bar,Apartment buildings, and Lampedusa Park. When turning on to capitol street you will see the main street of Perso Peridiso stretching before you. Along this route you will find: Reynolds Oil&Gas Ltd., The Ikostavian Embassy, The Capitol Building, 2 Genral stores, A dentist, A butchers, The ISSP Embassy, The City Square, The Arch of Freedom, Even the town catholic Church! Soon turning down Embassy Ally you will find The Annetian Embassy and Peridiso Park. Turning on to springfield Avenue you will now find the Los Celios Embassy, The Perso Peridiso Genral Hospital, and some wonderful suberban houses! After taking _______ ________ [Jedi Insert name here] You will find yourself going under the monument Bridge. Soon Passing the city fountain you will find yourself at the city courthouse. Thankyou for visiting Perso Peridiso and please enjoy your stay in Lost Paradise!

Housing PricesEdit

Hello and thankyou for reading the Perso Peridiso House Pamphlet!

Today we will introduce to you the average housing prices for houses in LP. Being a small but wealthy country keeps housing prices pretty high so please don;'t melt away in our hot sunny weather!


Apartment:1 000- 1 500 a month

Condo: 70 000- 80 000


100 000- 120 000

Bungalows/Medium 1 story homes

150 000-200 000

Larger Homes

250 000- 350 000

Big Homes/Mansions

500 000- 3 000 000

We thankyou for reading the Perso Peridiso House Pamphlet! Now please visit today for your chance at a beautiful new home in beautiful Lost Paradise!


Welcome to the Perso Peridiso Geography Pamplhlet! Please note that Lost Paradise is a very small country so that is why this pamphlet is so small!

Perso Perisiso is located in the centre of lost paradises' biggest island Lampedusa. Lampedusa has just 2 towns on it. On Lampedusa there is the Town of El Verino and the Capitol of Perso Peridiso! On Linosa there is Luma Tora our port. There is a small prison outside of Perso Peridiso but our main one is on the island of Lampoine the third island of Lost Paradise!

Thankyou for reading the Lost Paradise Geography Pamphlet!