Perso ParadisoEdit

Perso Paradiso is the glorious capital of the island nation of Lost Paradise. Perso Paradiso houses the two men running Lost Paradise, [Insert Niceguys12345's RP name here], and Arno Bourne. The downtown area is in the valley, all buildings range from 3-7 stories. Most of they buildings here have a distinct blue color, like most of the government built houses. The capital building is at the north end of the city, near the high-class area.

Housing and Real-Estate PricesEdit

Perso Paradiso is famous for it's housings style, most of the buildings give a 'Renaissance' vibe to the city. Mostly seen in cities such as Genoa, Milan, Paris, Lyon, Venice, and much more!

Low Class Housing

The average price of low class houses in the capital are around 50-70 000 LPC. The low class makes up for about 38% of the entire city, so the low class area is decently sized located in the South-East end of the city, the low class area is also close to the water-front.


The Apartments and Condos in the city, are basically another option for the low class of Lost Paradise, the averrage rent of an apartment is 600-1200 LPC a month, and condos range from 9000-12000 a year.

Middle Class Housing

The average price of homes in the middle class district range from--WIP