The LPN was founded in 1786 with the creation of the Italian vessel ITS Terrarium. The current admiral of the navy is: Admiral F. Vlessi The current vice admiral is: President of Ikovatsia, A. Emafi

To sign up, contact the admiral.

The LPNR has recently been created, to see what serving as a naval reserve entails, please read below:

As a reserve you are trained, and let to live a normal life unless your nation is in imminent danger, when the country, the citizens, will call upon you to defend our freedom. The reserves pay 2500 LPC a year in peacetime and 30k while serving.

A naval reserve will spend however much time they would like to give up working for and getting trained by the navy, building skills all over the reserve, while letting them serve their country, president, and citizens.

To see names of the prestigious employees of the navy, [click here]. To see our list of excellent vessels, click here.