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USA, where Tucker is from.

Name: Tucker Lavinski

D.O.B: August 19th, 1984

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Age: 28

Occupation: Hunter, [LP] Military Reserve

Current town: Perso Paradiso

Bio: Tucker was born on August 19th, 1984 in Miami, Florida At a young age he became interested in all things relating to the military, including guns. In 1996, he learned to shoot his first gun, the .22. He got this gun later as a present for his birthday. His family moved to Lost Paradise in 2000 and at the age of of 16 he got his own car and got a job as working for Matt's Meats as a Hunter. In 2006 he graduated college at Touchdown University and moved into an apartment. In 2005 he became owner of Matt's Meats after the old CEO was in a car accident and changed the name of the butcher shop to Lavinski's Meats. He signed up for military reserve because of his knowledge of weapons and currently works as CEO/Head Hunter of Lavinski's Meats and is always ready to fight for Lost Paradise when needed.