Felix Mcgueski was born on 18th august 1988, and is currently the Owner of Chappers Transnational, an energy company. He has no brothers and sisters and his parents died, so he has no immediate relatives. He has a pet otter named Chappers. He has 2 gun licenses for his weapons, and he prefers to be formal around others

Felix started his life in London, England, his parents middle class, they managed to get a cheap house in the Alps when Felix was 6. When he was 16, he moved back to England, to stay with his Aunt for 2 years, in those 2 years, his parents died. He joined the Army at 18 and left at 19, after notcing a deficit of energy throughout of the camp he was being trained at. So he founded Chappers Transnational. He signed his first contract with the government when he was 21, he also recieved an offer of an offshore windfarm in Italy, he went to go do a HSE risk assessment, where he met his firend Antonio Vlessie, he placed a bet with Felix, which had his house in London on stake, and 40% of his companies royalties. Felix lost. He needed a house and a place to rethink the expansion of his career, so he moved to Lost Paradise. He now seeks to expand his career with more contracts and maybe a small building in Lost Paradise